Hands-on training, coaching, code reviews and knowledge transfer

Sometimes it helps to change perspective: instead of looking at your websites and systems through the eyes of a developer or designer, we take the view of a hacker. Which information is interesting from a technological point of view; are there any gaps through which a hacker could disrupt or manipulate your systems? These days, hackers often use automated tools which target and exploit weak points. More targeted attacks are often the result of manual manipulation attempts.

We help your developers to see things through the hacker’s eyes, hacking web applications and API interfaces. We target apps and API interfaces as well as websites and server systems.

In order to establish a permanent knowledge base for IT security in your company, we can help you to develop your own training programme, set up a training environment and provide the right training materials for your developers.

We currently offer training on the following topics:

  • Offensive web security basics: A hands-on introduction to web application security for developers and testers
  • Fun with Frida: Dynamic Binary Instrumentation on Android with frida.re
  • Android analysis: Analysing mobile applications and malware with open source tools
  • Scanning with OpenVAS: An introduction to the open source vulnerability scanner
  • Making software more secure - the Secure Software Development Lifecycle: An introduction to building Secure Software Development Lifecycles with open source tools.

All trainings can also be conducted as instructor-led virtual trainings.

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