Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)

Cyber attacks cause billions of euros of damage in Germany. According to a survey, over the past five years, German companies have suffered damage averaging around 13 billion euros annually. The attacks range from denial-of-service attacks and ransomware to targetedhacking of servers or database systems. Mobile applications, web and cloud applications are particularly affected, since they are accessible from outside, insufficiently protected and provide a gateway to hackers. Furthermore, modern infrastructures and increasingly fast deployment processes pose new challenges to companies.

We help you to master these challenges, particularly for your software development, whether it is performed in-house or by external service providers. We use an SSDLC strategy to design more secure software development processes from the ground up, without delaying or hindering development.

Previously, penetration tests at the end of development were often the only way of ensuring that the software had no serious security gaps.Now, with ever shorter deployment cycles and agile development methods, manual pen tests are no longer fast enough and can only be recommended for security-critical deployments. Instead, security must be integrated into the development process as a permanent, automated component in order to guarantee a basic security level for all deployments without delaying deployments by using Security Quality Gates.

We offer strategic and practical help in integrating security measures into the development process. We work with open standards (OpenSAMM) for strategy development and offer vendor-independent advice on selecting the right scanning tools. Whether you use commercial products or work completely on an open source basis, we help you to develop an efficient strategy which will protect the software you have developed from flagrant weaknesses at the earliest possible opportunity. By identifying and removing security gaps as soon as possible at the development process stage, we enable you to reduce the operational risk significantly and to avoid expensive bug fixes after deployment.

DevOps integration strategies and security training for developers and architects go hand in handwith a permanent Secure Development Lifecycle.

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