Security in modern environments

The environment for modern applications is in constant motion: from monoliths to microservices, from dedicated hardware to virtual machines, with Docker containers in private or public clouds. New systems offer new possibilities but also raise questions: what does it mean to have software running in the cloud? How do microservices and containers change deployment methods? And above all, what does this new infrastructure mean for the stability and security of your applications?

In the past, software-specific security measures were often tested at the end of development and handled separately from the operational team. The growing tendency to merge virtual infrastructure with code makes the DevOps approach increasingly important. We can help you to include the right security measures so that DevOps does not become a security disaster.

Many of the security rules governing traditional IT systems and web servers still apply, of course. Others are new: how do Docker containers work compared with traditional virtual machines? What must you bear in mind when developing apps and controlling backend interfaces? How is rights management governed in the cloud? How can you establish security measures without slowing down deployment processes?The right automation strategies ensure that security will not hinder continual deployment (CI/CD).

We help you to get your bearings quickly in modern environments and to establish basic security standards so that DevOps become not a security disaster but a sustainable DevSecOps strategy.

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